No popup content on multiple selected feature from different layer

04-22-2021 06:43 AM
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new MapViewer which is actually based on ArcGIS JS API 4.19 has a problem with showing popup content, if multiple overlapping features from different layers are selected.

Popup for first feature is dysplayed correctly, but if I move to the popup for next feature, then the popup is empty (no content, no title).

Here is example:

1) Two identified layer (features from two different layers) -> second popup is not loaded:

Image 001.pngImage 002.png

2) One identified layer (features from one layer) -> second popup is loaded correctly:

Image 003.png








Image 004.png

Is there any solution for this issue?









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I'm having the same issue - has delayed me being able to upgrade some of my maps to the new map viewer, as the popups are not working correctly.

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Yes, I noticed that when migrating my application to ArcGIS JS API 4.19. I thought that I have issue in my app, but not, the problem is reproducible in the MapViewer (4.19) with Esri layers.