New Map Viewer does not render joined Hosted Feature Layers

12-13-2021 01:58 PM
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What's up guys.

We are dealing with some issues with the new MapViewer.

We've made a View Feature Layer, wich results from another 2 Hosted Feature Layers Joined together. To do so, the only way possible is through Classic MapViewer. It works fine, and the  View Feature Layer can be visualized in the Classic MapViewer with no problems, it also has live updates, and that's exacly what we need.

The problem is with New MapViewer, it only render the View when zoomed in, when zoomed out, it won't render. Since we need to use that in a Dashboard, the View also does not appear on that.

It's not a issue with visibility range, it works just fine with Classic MapViewer.

When analysing Chrome's developer tools, depending on the zoom level, it has different responses, and the only different thing is the geometry payload (envelope).

I've tried to recalculate the extension with no success. I wish i could just use the Classic MapViewer, but unfortunaly that's not an option, because other apps wont work either.

I've tried open the View Feature Layer in ArcGIS Pro, and the result was the same! It wont render when zoomed out.

I'm not sure what to do, any ideas? Is it a bug or could be issues with the View Feature Layer?

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Hi @GustavoMiralesSilva thanks for the post. We have not been able to reproduce the behavior on our end for this. Are you able to share the source layers and view with PeterK_ess so I can take a closer look? Thanks!

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Hi Peter, I'm sorry for tooking so long to reply.

I've contacted Esri support in my country (Brazil), and they also couldn't figure it out. The workaround was update the target layer from time to time with a scheduled notebook, it achieves the same results, but with some delay.


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Does the new map viewer support joins and relates or do I have to open the map viewer in Map Viewer Classic and lose all my groups?

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I think new map viewer doesn't  support joins.

But  i don't think you should migrate your map to classic, just run the join analysis through classic map viewer and then add it to you map on new map viewer.

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