New hosted feature views do not retain their view definitions after creation

05-11-2022 05:11 PM
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We regularly create views from our parent feature services.

Recently, the way view definitions are configured in AGOL has changed. We used to define the view by first creating it, then navigating through the visualisation tab to the view definition options, setting the desired filter definition, and saving the layer.

Now, we are prompted to set the view definition as the view is being created, through the new view definition interface.

We have discovered that when the definition is set at this point through the new interface, it is not retained when creation of the view is completed, and instead all data is brought into the view, despite a filter being defined previously.

When we inspect the view settings, it is clear no filters have been retained.

We can only get the definition filter to 'stick' when we go back in to edit the view after it has been created, and update the view settings again.

In addition, when we go to reset the view definition in the settings tab, we can only update one layer at a time. If we attempt to update multiple layers without pressing 'Update' in between each one, the definition is again not retained. We have to apply the definition to each individual layer for it to work.

This creates a fair amount of inefficiency and unreliability in the process.

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