New ArcGIS Student needing help with analyze

11-10-2021 09:18 AM
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Hello all. I am a new ArcGIS user, and am currently in an "Intro to GIS" class at school. We had an assignment mapping demographics for our state and Covid information along with drive time to hospitals. The last part of the assignment we are to create an analysis question. Mine is "where are the 85+ population within those drive times. I have been working on this for about 16 hours and none of my analysis procedures have worked. I am wondering if i have redundant layers, or layers that were already analyzed wrong, etc? Any help would be appreciated. the link is

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Your work is not shared publicly. In order to view the link, someone would have to be a member of Oregon State's ArcGIS organization. You can remedy this by sharing your item (and any layers) publicly.

(You can test this by trying to open the application in incognitio mode).

Courtney Menikheim | Application Developer | @thecmenikheim
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Hello Kelly,

Welcome to the world of GIS!  I would love to assist you.  First, it seems that the link your provided is protected with a login so I wasn't able to access it.  Secondly, would you mind providing me with more information about the platform you are using to accomplish the analysis task?  ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online Map Viewer or Map Viewer Classic?  Also what version if you are using a desktop product.




Amanda Bishop, GISP