Multiple Users Edit/Overwrite of a Google Sheets Feature Layer

02-08-2022 08:47 PM
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by Anonymous User
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I successfully created a feature layer that is connected to a google sheet. I am able to update the feature layer by overwriting it in ArcGIS Online; the feature layer then includes the new data inputted in the google sheet. 

I also successfully created a group with enabled shared update and editing. My other group members can edit a map I added into the group. I added the feature layer into the group too, but my group members cannot overwrite the feature layer. 

Is there currently a way for a feature layer that is linked to a google sheet to be updated by multiple different users? If so, how? 

This is the details of the feature layer from my POV: 


This is the details view from a group members POV: 


Thanks in advance for your help!



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