multiple symbology of the same feature layer in ArcGIS Online map?

03-03-2020 01:09 PM
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I am creating an ArcGIS online web map to be used by my municipality's field folks in Collector.  We have a feature layer - actually, we have several - where it would be very handy if we could display the features differently depending on whether they were pre-existing or newly added in the field, features.  Yet we need to also differentiate the way our data is displayed in the same map by another criteria, basically 'inspected recently' or 'not'.   So, what I'd ideally like to do is display a single feature layer with two different symbology styles from two different fields of the attribute table.   It seems if I add two copies of the same feature layer, one copy's definition of the symbology will override the other - at least, that's what happened when I try this.  Is there a way I can work around this, without having to maintain two separate feature layers of the same data with, say, different names?

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Did you solve your problem yet?

I seem to be able to use different symbologies in agol using the same feature layer without any problem.

having one subtype and six domains I was able to make a webmap with several copies of the same feature layer with the symbology adapted for the different domains.



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