Moving Revit BIM models manually

04-05-2020 02:13 AM
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Hi There!

I am brand new to ArcGIS and my current role is BIM manager.

I am in the process to defining the collaboration workflow required between Autodesk Revit BIM models and my GIS team.

Please see the images.

  • I am working on a trial version of ArcGIS Pro.
  • We are receiving Revit BIM models from a consultant. 
  • I know that the models have coordinates but, coming in nearly a year late I am playing catchup and I am not sure whether these have been setup according to the project's UTM location.
  • Image 1. shows the single Discipline revit model that i have managed to insert into Arcgis. 
  • Image 2. Due to not having a .prj file setup, when I select the "Zoom to Layer" function. I see the entire Globe.

I would like to know how to manually move the model in the following manner:

  • Zooming into a element of the model,such as a wall, regardless of where it is on planet earth.
  • Selecting a element such as the wall and dragging it to where i want to place it.

Is this possible?

Any advice and assistance will be much appreciated.

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Have you checked out this blog? How to Georeference Revit Data In ArcGIS Pro 

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Hi Dirk,

The blog referred to by Russell does provide an excellent guide to loading and georeferencing bim models within an ArcGIS Pro 3D scene and is certainly worth a read.

From the images you have provided, it looks like you have added your content to a global scene. I would suggest using a local scene as this is best when working with data confined to smaller geographic extents. Scenes—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

Thank you,


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