Martian or Lunar Coordinate System in ArcGIS Online

05-23-2019 06:35 PM
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I have a map tile package for some data for Mars in GCS_Mars_2000_Sphere. I have uploaded it to my ArcGIS Online Basic account after creating it using the default settings and zoom extents used in ArcGIS / Google / Bing. After it uploads and I add it as a basemap, however, it retains earthly dimensions. The distances between features are incorrect. This isn't a projection issue because those dimensions still exist when the same map tile package is added as a base layer to a globe scene. The distances are off by nearly 100%. One mile on my map is actually only 0.53 miles on the real landscape. My understanding is this is because ArcGIS Online automatically converts it to WGS84 Web Mercator. How can I publish/upload this map tile package to ArcGIS Online and retain the correct size and shape of the planet so that measurements are accurate?



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Hello Eian!

I did some quick digging for you, and while I don't have a direct answer to the issue you're experiencing, I did want to point out the following document that confirms the JavaScript API at least should have support for mapping other planets. The article does also in particular recognize a limitation to measurements in past scenarios.

In early 2016, our planetary scientist customers began requesting this functionality, which set the wheels in motion to enhance our Javascript APIs. This enhancement ensures accurate distance referencing on the Scalebar Widget, as well as accurate distance and area measurements in the Measurement Widget when using the 2D ArcGIS Online Map Viewer, Web AppBuilder, and the Web App Templates. Seen above is an example of a crater area measurement on the Moon and below is an example of the distance measurement on Mars.

(From To Infinity and Beyond: ArcGIS Online Now Supports Extraterrestrial Mapping)

I'll see if I can find any further information on ArcGIS Online in particular, but that may be a good document to review as well to start.

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