Map Data Not Yet Available?

06-08-2021 05:59 AM
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Hi, I'm new to the community and am learning QGIS a bit before getting into Arcgis, I've been exploring the Esri world imagery online map and downloading some tiles for offline use. One thing confusing me is the map zoom levels data availability.


The Esri world Imagery map says it contains 22 levels of zoom, yet I have yet to find a location on the map that does not return "Map Data Not Yet Available" when I download or try to view this level. Some areas stop at level 19, level 20 or 21.

Can you explain why this is happening please?

Here are some coordinates I've tried.


-13522523.266200000,-13522446.159800000,4660652.425400000,4660718.944400000 [EPSG:3857]'



-9481072.324300000,-9480486.085600000,1115676.128000000,1116510.943500000 [EPSG:3857]



'-13465367.463400001,-13465220.903700000,4529940.746000000,4530124.907900000 [EPSG:3857]'

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Kudos to you for learning more than one GIS program! It will definitely help you think more about the underlying processes in each, as opposed to memorizing specific tools / menus.

That said, the Esri Community isn't quite the place to ask about QGIS issues. The GIS Stack Exchange is fantastic for this sort of thing.

And to more directly address your question: Even though the service definition clearly shows zoom levels available down to 23, some areas simply don't have tiles generated for those levels. Fore example, my own neighborhood stops loading tiles at 19. If I try to "force" level 20 tiles, I get the "not yet available" message.

In major urban areas, however, it's not uncommon to fine tiles down to 20. In a quick perusal of big cities, I've yet to find one that loads at 21 or closer, but I'm sure they may be out there.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Ty but I already found your question on the forum so I have the information
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