lyrx files (with relative path) in AGOL

02-10-2021 07:33 AM
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I have a bunch of lyrx files hosted in AGOL which point at hosted feature layers, to enable users to add the data to ArcGIS Pro with complex symbology.

If I share the data via a collaboration involving a copy, then the lryx files break, because the path to the data in the json of the copied lyrx files is still pointing back at the original feature layers (which the user doesn't have access to view). Is there a way in the url path of the lyrx file that I can I make it relative the lyrx file, rather than explicit, so it will still find the feature layer of the same name in the collaboration? In a similar fashion to the way that relative paths work in layer files alongside MXDs/Projects on desktop.

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This looks like an oversight by ESRI - in that the layer files are not modified to point to the collaboration's replicated workspace (at the point when a replicated collaboration is instigated)  - they are still fixed to point to the original location in AGOL. 

It would be nice if ESRI could fix this so that layer files are modified when a collaboration replication takes place.