Losing Domains when moving AGO Layer to SDE

10-21-2019 01:40 PM
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I have 13 layers in an SDE database. There are multiple domains used in multiple fields throughout these layers. I am sharing them as a web layer via Pro. When I look at the layers in AGO the fields still have their drop downs.

However when I add the layer back into Pro and attempt to design the domains it won't let me. Which is sort of expected. But when looking at the fields information it doesn't even display that the fields have domains.

My true issue is that when I use model builder to export the AGO service back into the SDE database for backup purposes all the fields lose their attachment to their domains. This happens wether I use Feature Class to Feature Class or Feature Class to Geodatabase.

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Hey Payne Ringling. Are you using coded-value domains? And were the .sde feature class(es) published to ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Server or Portal?

If it is hosted content, I wonder if the Export Data option from the layer's item details still gives you the same behavior. When you say "...lose their attachment to their domains", do you mean that the new export from ArcGIS Online appears not to have any domains applied, even when they were applied initially?

It might also be worth opening a Support ticket to investigate this further.

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