Locator View: "Setting an extent across the 180th meridian is not supported"

12-12-2019 10:33 AM
by Anonymous User
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When I try to create a locator view that covers the State of Alaska I get the message< "Setting an extent across the 180th meridian is not supported".

I understand that by creating a locator view we can limit ESRI World Geocoding results to a given area.  I've been able to limit results to USA which is a big help (thank you!) but I'd like to further limit results to cover the State of Alaska.  Unfortunately, when I attempt to create an extent that covers the State I get the message, "Setting an extent across the 180th meridian is not supported" and then the extent is cropped to not cross the 180th.

Are there any work-a rounds or solutions for this?  While there aren't that many occasions where it's necessary to get beyond the 180th Meridian, I don't feel comfortable implementing this without a solution that covers the whole state.  Until I can fix this we'll continue to get returns for Anchorage, Kentucky and such.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Unfortunately it is expected behavior that creating an extent which crosses the 180th meridian is unsupported. I believe that this is due to a limitation since this makes the left bound greater than the right bound. 

There is however a documented usability bug documenting this, as well as a relevant enhancement which could serve as a workaround if implemented.

  • BUG-000128203: Locator View in ArcGIS Online does not allow boundary to extend over the 180th meridian.
  • ENH-000128206: Provide support for Locator Views in ArcGIS Online to use more than one bounded area to compose the locator.
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Have these been implemented or has anyone found a work around for setting an extent across the 180th meridian?  Not being able to display a live map of the entire Pacific area makes for a shoddy presentation.


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