Loading an iframe map in a bootstrap tab: firefox: "TypeError: d is null"

06-03-2016 06:46 AM
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I have a web page using Bootstrap that loads content into tab-content tab. One of the tabs has an iframe with a very simple map developed using the Javascript API (v. 3.16). In Chrome, the iframe loads fine, but in Firefox, on page load, the iframe does not load and instead throws 3 "TypeError: d is null" errors - first 2 at /3.16/ (line 160) and 3rd at line 131.  I can right-click and load the iframe manually.  Also, I can get the iframe to load on page load if it is put into the first tab on the page. I also tried embedding an ArcGIS Online map into the same iframe with the same issue.

Any thoughts or workarounds?

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