Line features are distorted/messed up once published on ArcGIS Online

08-12-2020 03:28 AM
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I have digitized a few parking lots and drawn the parking lots for a project on ArcGIS Pro. When I export the project as a web map, the line features are drawing out crooked on a zoomed out scale. I would like to have the lines draw out well at all scales. Anyone else have this issue with line features? The first images are from the project on ArcGIS Pro, the second from the web map. I've even redrawn some of the lines in the parking lot shown to ensure they're straight but have had no luck. Again, this is not a pro issue, the lines look fine on ArcGIS Pro. They look bad when exported as web map.

To draw out the parking lot lines: I drew out one segment, then used copy parallel and used 3.5m to represent distance between lines and 20 to represent parking spaces, then drew line from midpoint of first segment to midpoint of last segment.

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ESRI- any explanation for this? Has this been implemented for performance improvements or is it a BUG with plans to fix it? Customers doing cemetery mapping are finding this frustrating (see below).