Joining an external table to a hosted feature

12-14-2019 08:10 AM
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I have a hosted layer I want to join a local table to. I add the hosted layer in arcmap (10.5) and join the local table to it (in a local file geodatabase). Every time I try this the join goes through fine but all the data becomes inaccessible. I'm guessing a truly successful join is impossible, but I'm curious if anyone has ever done this and gotten it to go through.

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Hi Grant,

I don't have ArcMap 10.5, but I tested in 10.7.1 quickly and was able to join a Hosted Feature Layer to a local table as expected - the data is accessible in the attribute table of the hosted layer. Can you test this out in ArcGIS Pro or a more recent version of ArcMap? If there are still issues I would recommend getting in touch with Esri Support.

Hope this helps,


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