Join Multiple Features in Hosted Feature View

07-21-2020 10:26 AM
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Is it possible to join multiple features to a target feature to create a hosted feature view?

I suspect not, because you can only join features to features, but if someone knows how or a good workaround that would be great.


I have static features (traps) which are inspected regularly for different criteria (separate related tables). I want to flatten the datasets to include some data from the related tables (not just in the popup, the actual table).


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Hi Benjamin Sperry‌,

Can you give us an overview of your data? How many hosted feature layers and related tables do you have? How are they related and how are you trying to join them together?



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Hi Keyur,

Thank you for your response.

We have the primary hosted feature layer that has the location and other persistent information for each trap. This remains the same in most cases.

In the same feature layer collection we have 5 other feature layers that are added to using Survey123:

1. A trap visit layer related M:1 to the primary trap layer

2. 4 layers that correspond with the trap evaluation workflow with a M:1 relationship with the trap visit layer

(The reason we used feature layers instead of related tables is because of our inability to effectively to view related tables in MapViewer, AppBuilder, and Dashboards.)

What we would like is to have some fields in the related features joined to the primary trap layer, which has accurate and verified locations, so we can do analysis on a combination of values collected at different times. The Hosted Feature View works very well for this purpose but only on one dateset at a time, which is less ideal.

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