Issues with the new map viewer for ArcGIS On-line

07-22-2021 06:56 PM
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Issues with the new map viewer for ArcGIS On-line (thank goodness the classic map viewer is still available)

Here is one of the issues with the new map viewer.  We have a date field in our feature layer because the day of the field work is often different to the creation date.

You can use configure fields to change the date format and remove the time stamp. However, the edit/create a feature function fails to take into account those edits. In addition the date field in edit/create a feature does not have a pop-up calendar. 

Hopefully one of the ArcGIS on-line developers has noticed these problems?  @DerekLaw @GFernando 


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Any updates on this? I notice this as well since trying to use map viewer with the message they will be automatically switch default away from map viewer classic in June.

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