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Issues since latest Map Viewer update - Form - Grouping/Expand initial state/entering data

03-29-2022 12:12 PM
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Hi there,

Not sure the best place to post this. I'm happy that Experience Builder, Field Maps and Map Viewer are progressing further. Glad that all three programs are integrating too.

I am having an issue though with Forms and grouping.

I've set some of the groups in the form to not initially expand. When I expand them and then begin typing in new data, it:

  • flickers while I'm typing
  • closes on me while I'm typing

The end users are finding this really frustrating. (Me too because I don't know how to fix it.)

I've tried:

  • removing the Edit (beta) widget (added before the upgrade) and put in the new one
  • removed the group (added before the upgrade) and re-added it in
  • duplicating the layer in the same map, removing the problem group, re-adding it

I would really like to refrain from removing the original layer since I have the triggers set up in Experience Builder already. Is this what I have to do?

I temporarily set all groups to initially expand so the users can still be in the system and do their thing without having to deal with the flickering/collapsing. I'm tagging people related to these products. Maybe you are already aware of this bug or can guide me on how to fix this?

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

This is a video I've made showing the issue.

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