Issue with Arcade and ArcGIS Dashboard Intersects

09-21-2021 12:30 PM
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I am trying to aggregate the number of public projects in a given polygon but I run into the following error:

Execution Error:Spatial Relation cannot accept this parameter type

My Arcade expression for my indicator is set to:

var lahub = Portal("");

var pointitems = FeatureSetByPortalItem( lahub, "7c5389b0d60c4b12af97c8b3558bd18a", 0, ["*"], True );

var lineitems = FeatureSetByPortalItem( lahub, 'a859591539c644858bff8c648181923a', 0, ["*"], true );

var cds = FeatureSetByPortalItem( lahub, '76104f230e384f38871eb3c4782f903d', 0, ["*"], true );

var countPoints = Count(Intersects(pointitems,cds))
//var countLines = Count(Intersects(lineitems,cds))

//return countPoints + countLines

I'm trying to aggregate lineitems and pointitems by cds and return a featureset of cds.



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