Is there way to edit webmap that is shared for you?

08-21-2013 12:06 AM
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Is there way to give editing rights to WebMap for other users? Let's say that I create a webmap, add 2 layers and share that to one group. Then I go to holidays and we would need to add 1 layer more to the webmap by my co-workers.

I know that we can change ownership of the webmap and then make changes but that needs administrator rights. What I would like to do is to define set of users who have full editing priviledges to the webmap (layers, tools, ArcGIS Online item, sharing...)
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I too would like to know if this is possible. It seems that someone posted it as an Idea:‌ but that's been merged into a larger issue. Requiring a change of ownership in order to edit a webmap is clumsy, and it doesn't seem that anything has improved in the year since you first posted this question. That's too bad. I'd love to know when/if this feature is implemented.

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Hi David,

You can accomplish this by creating a custom role.  You can apply 'Update' for Content under Administrative Privileges.


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