Is there a workaround to the max number of WFS features imported in ArcGIS Online?

08-21-2019 07:46 AM
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I have a WFS URL that I am adding as an item to ArcGIS Online. The WFS has well over 10,000 features. The default max number of features that ArcGIS Online will import is 3000 and the most I can enter is 9999.

If I change the visibility range to capture less than 3000 features at a time, it is still only importing the first 3000 records in the table for the entire dataset, not the given extent.

Is there a workaround to retrieve all features from a WFS? I also have a SQL Server Geodatabase instance that I could use to import this WFS to and publish through ArcGIS Server for consumption if needed. If this avoids the WFS max features obstacle.

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I'm encountering a similar problem with ArcGIS Pro 2.4.2.  It seems to do the initial WFS request by pulling in the first 3000 features queried regardless of extent.  Changing the extent fails to trigger a request for additional features.    

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Same problem here.  I have ~4500 features, and the AGOL map only loads the first 3000, even if I zoom in to view an area with only the additional features.  Looks like it's just always requesting the first 3000, and not adjusting per view extents.  This feels broken... it really should request based on viewport. Anyone figure out how to do that, or is there a bug in the AGOL WFS map viewer? 

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you can always change the limit by going into layer from 3k to 10k. But that's the max limit and was hoping to have a lot higher limit.



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