Is there a widget or feature for downloading shapefiles?

02-10-2022 11:46 AM
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I have a web map with several shapefiles. It'd be nice if any user could select a shapefile of their choice and download it.

I noticed there's an "Analysis" button in Map Viewer Classic that allows you to extract data, but I'm not sure if this is only available for the creator of the map. 

Is there a web app widget or capability in Map Viewer for this?

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In web apps, there is an analysis widget with an "extract data" feature. 



I recommend reading this documentation on the widget. 


Note that the widget doesn't allow the user to save files locally to their machine. They must have the ability to publish content in AGOL since it will be saved under their "My Contents" tab.

If I'm misunderstanding and this isn't the case, and there is a way for end-users to be able to download KMZs or Shapefiles locally to their machine, I'd love to know!


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Thanks Katherine! It would definitely be preferred if the user could save the files locally, similar to the Print widget.