Is there a way to report on maps and apps are using a service?

06-01-2021 06:31 PM
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Does anyone know if there is a tool that can generate a report of what webmaps and apps use a selected layer/service? Something that works both for enterprise portal and ArcGIS Online? I have tried qonda, ArcGIS Online Assistant, and Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online to no avail. Surely there must be something out there?

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In Enterprise, there are properties dependent_to and dependent_upon, which are, sadly, not available in AGOL just yet.

However, you can manually loop through your web maps and look for those dependencies in a Python Notebook. If you know the itemID of the service(s) you want to look up, you can use something like the code below:

from arcgis.gis import GIS
from arcgis.mapping import WebMap

service_ids = ['list', 'of', 'itemIDs']

webmaps ='', item_type='Web Map', max_items=-1)

map_list = []

for w in webmaps:
    wm = WebMap(w)
    for b in wm.basemap.baseMapLayers:
        except AttributeError:
            if b.itemId in service_ids:
    for l in wm.layers:
        except AttributeError:
            if l.itemId in service_ids:


This will look at each layer in each web map, adding the web map to the map_list list if any of the layers match the input itemID(s).

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Hi @DerekPhyn sorry to revive an old thread. You mentioned you tried Qonda Reports, Im interested to know to know why it didnt give you what you needed? If you look at the attached images the diagrams show dependencies from a web map and layer perspective - and you could also create a report to do the same in a textual way if required. Just trying to understand if there was something Ive missed or If I could do it a better way!

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