Is there a way to not lose time zone when overwriting hosted tables in AGOL?

06-18-2019 12:21 PM
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I have several excel & CSV documents loaded into AGOL WITH MY TIME ZONE SET that are consumed in dashboards.  It is all fine and dandy for the first time I upload the document.  However, when I overwrite the documents with the updated data, I lose my timezone and AGOL defaults it to UTC without the ability to change it.  (Note: I am doing this manually, although I'd like to create some Jupyter Notebooks to read the data from my spreadsheets and publish to AGOL, but I have not had the time to accomplish this yet.)

I have tried overwriting both the file itself and the hosted table created from uploading it - and both methods result in my not being able to specify the timezone for the newly uploaded data.  I would think that it would keep the time zone I set with the initial creation of the hosted table. 

At this point, I feel like my only option would be to upload a new document, change the data source in all of my dashboard widgets, and delete the old source, which sounds preposterous and like a lot of unnecessary work. 

Any ideas?

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