Is it possible to use a custom edited tile map and move it like a layer?

07-14-2019 09:48 AM
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I am starting my adventure with creating story maps for internal use during meetings and to create a more interactive presentation to a group of stakeholders. In doing this, I am working to replicate some of the visualizations I have in ArcPro and ArcMap. Specifically, I may have a file structure that would be the following:

1. Locations (Point File)

2. Transportation (Roads, Rail, Airports, etc)

3. Boundaries (Zipcode, City, County, State, etc)

2. Population (Heat Map) [Block Group]

3. Income Variations (as Dot Density) [Block Group]

4. BaseMap (Hydrology)

In ArcMap and ArcPro I have created my own templates which allow the roads from my basemap to be seen on top of the Population and income variations as the stakeholders want to be able to know what they are looking at and the various roads surrounding.

I tried to recreate this layout process by using Vector Tile Editing to turn off the Background, Natural, Populated Areas, Land Use and Buildings. I was then going to promote this web layer to the same position as I have using the desktop applications, but I cannot do this. Is this something that can be done or not really? In theory this should be able to be achieved.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Best, John

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