Is it possible to store multiple URLS in a cell and then display them as separate URLs through the pop-up.

03-29-2021 10:52 PM
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I managed to come up with a python script to upload photos to a layer in ESRI online every night.

There are 3 types of photos:

Photo - General

Photo - Before Job Completion

Photo - After Job Completion


The way ESRI online handles it is that it just groups all attachment together under attachments in the pop-up.

Is it possible to group the photos separately?



One way to solve this is to have separate columns in the layer for URLs and have the script update them as photos are being updated. Benefit of this is that I can also display thumbnails in the popup.

The issue however is, if I have multiple photos, I don't want a column for each photo (i.e. if a record have 40 photos, I need to create 40 columns to store their URL) is there a way for me to put multiple URLs in a cell (perhaps in an array layout) and then when displaying them, separate them somehow (like comma delimited or space delimited).

Hope this make sense.



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Use Arcade Expressions. Write an arcade script that splits up your single string containing the multiple URLS into separate URLS. 

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