Is it possible to move point geometry in AGOL using premade widgets other than by dragging the point?

08-06-2021 09:43 AM
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I am putting together a webapp using WebApp Builder in AGOL.

The user will validate some points and needs to be able to move points to proper geographic location.

At the moment the workflow I have is using the smart editor which is set up to update a Lat and Lon field along with an address field as the point geometry is dragged to its new location. This works but it is long for the user to drag the points to their locations. I included the "update geometry" function with new X,Y co-ordinates but this also requires several steps for the user to obtain the coordinates (using MapSearch and the coordinates tools)

My question is whether it is possible within the configurable widgets, for a user to search an address and easily move the selected point geometry to that location?

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@KrisKnowles It does seem like a "move to this location" enhancement would be beneficial (e.g. select the feature, then click on the map where you want to place it, rather than dragging?)

Right now, the only way to move point features without dragging the point is to use the Move to XY functionality in Smart Editor.

See: Move to XY configuration

See: Move to XY use

In the upcoming ArcGIS Online update, in Smart Editor, we will provide the option to set a default reference system, so for example you could set to use Lat Long or MGRS (USNG) by default and have set the coordinates widget set to use the same coordinates/reference systems for a quicker copy/paste experience.