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Is it possible to have a Web Application accessible by user that do not have access to all the feature layers in the map?

05-05-2023 08:27 AM
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My goal is to have one Application that I can access even if I have permission to view only one layer out of many, but if I have access only to one layer, every time I load the page again, I am asked to log in.


I have a web viewer and an app created with Experience Builder where I added two FeatureServices.

Each of these FSs is shared in one group each.

Let's say I share FC1 to Group1 and FC2 with Group 2, different user have access to one of these groups.

The Map viewer and the WebApp are shared with both groups.


When I login with an user account that is member of all groups, the viewer shows everything correctly.


When I login with an user account that has access to one group only, I see that the layer that is not shared gives an error (an error occurred loading this layer) ---> I was expecting this and I can live with this error.

The problem is that every time that I access this Web Application or every time that I load the page again, I am asked to login, after that, I have access to the map. 


would like to have a seamless behavior. Any thoughts about a possible workaround?





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The short answer is "no", unfortunately. The way you're configuring things, that prompt is always going to show up.

I have seen users in this situation use some automation to keep two nearly identical apps in sync with one another. Imagine you have one app / map designated as the "primary" ones, the others as "secondary". When you make an edit to the first map or app, a script can copy out the JSON, alter the layer ID, and push the altered JSON to the corresponding secondary item.

It's a bit of technical work to set up, but it would get around the login prompt.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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If it's embedded apps in your Experience Builder then you'd want to check out how to skip the login as shown here - 'share authentication' heading at the bottom of the page.

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