Is it possible to extract a city-area skin/ texture, from ArcGIS - My scene, for use in a 3rd party 3D software package?

08-18-2020 04:45 PM
New Contributor

Is there a way to extract the skin/ texture from the online, 'ArcGIS - My scene'?

I'm working with an Unreal Engine plugin called Twinmotion. Twinmotion can generate real world geometry, but it is plain- white, with no skins/ textures.

I would like to know if there is a way to copy the building imagery from ArcGIS - My scene (online) and paste it onto the geometry in Unreal's Twinmotion?

ArcGIS - My scene:

Unreal - Twinmotion:

I appreciate any thoughts. Thank you for your time.



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