Is it possible to configure the output of the query widget in WebApp Builder?

01-08-2020 03:00 PM
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I have a hosted view layer on a webmap in which the hosted layer is being actively edited. I want the functionality to export a query using the query widget on the WebApp builder, but I would like to control the user option for what to export. Specifically, when I test it and export a CSV, it exports every field in the view layer, even though they are turned off and not visible on the layer before running the query. Is there a way to restrict the export to only include the fields that are visible in the view layer on which the query is based?

Similarly, is it possible to restrict the format so that the user can only export a CSV?

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I would also like to know how to control the fields which the query widget exports to CSV. I assume there is some sort of query to the data source.

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I'm desperately searching for this functionality as well.  Some of our tables get really big and for making reports many of the fields are irrelevant.  I certainly hope this functionality is coming soon or someone has a work around.


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