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10-12-2020 02:08 PM
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I'm having an issue with inviting users to a Group inside my organization. The users I'm attempting to invite are outside the organization. The structure of their usernames is: 'first.last@county.gov_gisdepartment'.

When I search for a user to add to my group, the search results only return a user with the username 'first'. It seems as though the user invite search stops looking past that first 'period' in the username.

Am I missing something? If their accounts are not searchable, how can I point them toward changing that setting and allowing themselves to be searchable?

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Hi Tyler, 

When you are on the Invite Users page of the group, are you clicking off the toggle button, "Only search in <organization name>"? This should allow usernames from outside of your organization to be added.

  • If you are not your organization's administrator, you may not see this toggle. That would mean your administrator needs to alter their settings to allow members to toggle and view accounts outside of the organization.

If this does not succeed, below is a workaround for adding a username by using their User ID instead: How To: Add new members to a group when their usernames are not returned in the search results in Ar....

If certain accounts are still not appearing, their profile may not be set as viewable to everyone, and therefore can not be invited to groups outside of their own organization. If this is the case, their profile must be modified by their organization's administrator: Manage members—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation 

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Tyler Schlachter‌ it looks like this may be a bug with adding users that does indeed have to do with the period in the username. Let me know and I can attach your customer number to the issue. In the meantime Abby England‌'s workaround of adding via the User ID: How To: Add new members to a group when their usernames are not returned in the search results in Ar... is the recommended workaround.