Invalid HTML Tag caused Hosted Feature Layer Text Field to Break

04-14-2021 08:13 AM
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Yesterday we encounter a weird issue with hosted feature layer text fields.  We found the culprit to be an unintentional invalid html tag we believe.  Below is the problematic text info:

Trees are leaning along north bank; 12 smaller (<8" diameter) trees are either uprooted or severely leaning; 7 larger trees (>10" diameter) trees

you can see the <8 and the >10 creates an unintentional html tag.  Once we removed the > from >10 the data push from our software to the AGO hosted feature layer worked.  We have many many notes fields (text) that users have the ability to enter whatever they want.  Looking for the best way to handle this without a ton of validation work.  Please let us know if they are some good ways to handle this. Thank you.  

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