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integrate Workforce Assignments with Survey123 in Field Maps

04-13-2023 06:06 AM
by Anonymous User
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I've inherited a Workforce project from one of my colleagues which requires field workers to fill out a survey for each workforce assignment AND mark the assignment as complete in Workforce. This requires a lot of button clicks (open workforce, select assignment, survey at assignment, complete & submit survey, re-open workforce, mark assignment as complete) which I am trying to avoid. I have moved another project over to field maps to reduce the number of clicks by using URL parameters in the survey to automatically redirect back to field maps once the survey has been submitted - now the field worker can click on a location, submit the survey and be re-directed back to the point in field maps to mark it as complete. 

When trying to move another project over to this workflow I have noticed the following:

I began by configuring the form for my assignments layer in Map Viewer. When opening the map in Map Viewer Classic I see this warning: These layers have configurations that are not supported in Map Viewer Classic. To ensure the best experience, open the web map in Map Viewer. I dismiss the warning (click the NOT RIGHT NOW button) but am not able to save the assignments layer after I have configured the pop-up. How do I enable my survey with URL parameters if I cannot save my pop-up configuration in map viewer classic?

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