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03-25-2019 08:39 AM
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I have published a Hosted Table Service with Date stored as Date, and Sunrise and Sunset times stored as text. I would like to display Sunrise and Sunset in an Operations Dashboard using the Indicator widget, and filtered by Date. When I apply the Date is Today filter and select Value Type = Feature, I don't see Sunrise or Sunset as an option.

The Indicator documentation hasn't provided any guidance on this seemingly trivial limitation...

Edit - 

"An indicator is essentially a card that can be added to your dashboard. It can be used to show the numeric attributes of individual features, or it can be used to display a count, a sum, an average, a minimum, or a maximum summary statistic."

Does this mean I can't display text attributes of individual features? Should I convert Sunrise and Sunset times into something else?

Any advice?

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I don't see any way to do it with an indicator, but you could go with the much less fancy route of using a filtered list widget. Set the filter to Today (it's a shame you can't filter to "Within the last/next X days"), and change the line item text to something like "Today's Sunrise: {sunrise time}"

That said, displaying non-numeric data via an indicator (or other new widget?) or even a clock-style widget specifically for time would be an excellent enhancement request.

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Thanks, Nick.

I think for now I'll simply remove the ":" from the time so Ops Dashboard will treat the fields as numeric.

I'll submit an idea to the team for clock / time indicator widget, I suspect I'm not the only one who'd like to see this.


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