In ArcGIS on-line (or Portal) is it possible to have the results from the Select widget display as a series of thumbnails as they do with the Query widget?

09-04-2019 05:17 AM
Occasional Contributor II

When you use the "Query" widget in ArcGIS on-line (or Portal), you have the option for the results to appear in a 'filmstrip' that "Use (s the) layer's pop-up configuration in the web map". This is extremely useful, as you can look at the thumbnail of each feature by just scrolling.

When you use the "Select" widget, however, once you go into any individual layer, all that you get is a single line and a symbol. You then have to click on each feature in turn to see the thumbnail, which is no advantage to just clicking on each feature in the map anyway.

Is there any way to replicate the "Use layer's pop-up configuration in the web map" here instead?


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