In AGOL, setting features for Popup for certain features

01-24-2020 05:12 AM
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I have a number of layers in my AGOL map, that are symbolized by a STATUS attribute.  

So, this layer is only displaying TCO.  How can I configure my popup to only show the TCO features also?  Currently, its bringing map all the options if a TCO point it stacked on top of an ISS and INS.

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Hey Crystal Cowardin,

There are two ways that I can think if to achieve this. You could use an arcade expression in your popups to check if the STATUS attribute is TCO and you can then display the rest of the attributes you wish to display. The downside to this method is that you will still get popups for all the points but only some of them will show data in the popup window.

The other potential way is to add the layer again to the map and add a filter to the layer to only show the TCO data and setup popups on that layer only. You can then go to the original layer and filter out the TCO points so that they are only being drawn once.



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