Improving low quality Basemap?

09-08-2019 09:43 AM
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When using ArcGis Pro, when using the imagery Basemap the quality is very low. Location is Cortland, Ohio 44410 USA. Is there a way to improve this quality? Intent is to be used in layout for print as Architectural D 24” x 36”. 

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Hi Kyle,

I suggest using Bing Maps as an alternative. The quality of Bing Maps on your location is quite good. 

You will need to get a Bing Maps Key to use Bing Maps as the basemap. 

There's a technical support article detailing the steps required to get Bing Maps: FAQ: Is it possible to add Bing basemaps to ArcGIS Pro?

And how to use Bing Maps in ArcGIS Pro: Use Bing Maps

I am not sure whether you want to use the map for business purpose, below are the Terms of Use of Bing Maps:

Bing Maps Print Rights

Bing Maps Keys



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