Imagery layers have no image properties or time - how to simulate Google Earth

09-03-2021 10:19 AM
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I found a few old posts but no answers.  I must be missing something.

Our crews keep going back to Google Earth to view historical imagery.  We really want to keep them in Arc but I cannot seem to come close to replicating how Earth works.

Tried ArcGIS Earth and nothing there at all.

Tried the but the interface is terrible.  No simple time slider just lists of imagery.  Even using it you have to pick out specific years then make a map.  Why is this not time slider enabled?

Some posts show imagery settings like this using NAIP.  But here there is no Enable Time settings at all.  Why?


The imagery layers in both basemap and as a layer do not have any of this.


Landsat has it but that is so course and it does not even work.  Sentinel 2 no Time settings either.  And no way to go backwards which is weird.

ArcScene cannot seem to even get close to any of this.

Does anyone have a way here?  Why is this not built in like Google Earth - they have had it for like a decade.  I would prefer this in 3D but will take any idea at this point. 

Thanks for any ideas.

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@DougBrowning this sounds more like an idea to me. ESRI will have a historic cache of data for their imagery service. If they could time enable an image service from a composite mosaic dataset, we'd get the same behaviour as the GE historic imagery slider. 

I suppose it will still be limited to ESRIs poor quality imagery compared with Google's more premium archive that has a shorter update frequency and is generally crisper 

..Maps with no limits..
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