Image Attachment Popup Keeps Breaking for Hosted Feature Layer

08-18-2021 09:29 AM
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I have a HFL that needs the image displayed in the popup. This I've figured out with no problem, but it seems that the Arcade script used to configure the attachment URL breaks everyday. 

Do hosted Feature Layer URLs change? As soon as I re-enter the URL into into the separate variables, it works immediately. But how do I stop having the link break? 

Here are the steps I follow (images are attached also):

1. Create the Attribute Expression with Arcade (in the attached text file)

2. Take that expression url {expression/expr0} and past it into the Pop-up Media > Image > URL field


Am I doing something wrong or does this have to do with the Hosted Feature Layer? Any help is appreciated! Thank you in advance. 

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The URL doesn't change, but the token ("hosted" in your script) does.

Try removing the token part. In my case, that leads to the following behavior:

  • When I first open a popup containing an image, the image is broken, but the link still works.
  • I click on the broken image link, the image opens.
  • Every other popup containing an image now works as expected.


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