Identical arcade expressions (intersects) not working across web maps

06-01-2021 05:54 AM
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I am building two applications with WAB developer edition. There is a private map viewer (shared to a specific access group), and a public map viewer. 

For the private map viewer, in the AGOL web map I have configured arcade expressions within the popups to list features that intersect the target polygon. This works great and as expected in both the web map and in the application.

For the public viewer, I am trying to replicate these intersect expressions. I am using the exact same expressions (while changing layer names as needed), with views of the exact same layers, with the exact same basemap. But, for some reason the expressions in the public viewer are returning correctly only occasionally. SOME polygons will return a list of the intersecting features as expected, and some (despite clearly having intersections) are returning nothing.

Thinking that I might have an issue with the view layers - I ran a test where I made a new web map, added in the layers that are working correctly in the private viewer, and added the intersect expressions - and I am now seeing the problem replicated in this new map. 

The private map intersects expressions are still working - and I went and tested adding another intersects expression to see if that would return values properly...and it did. 

I was wondering if anyone had an idea on what might be happening? Is there some map setting I am forgetting to turn on in the public map and test map? Is it a glitch?

The expression I am using:


var intersectLayer =Intersects(FeatureSetByName($map,"Lake Sites"), $feature)
var results = [];
for (var f in intersectLayer){
 results[Count(results)] = f.ID + " " + f.STATUS;
return Concatenate(results, ", " + TextFormatting.NewLine);


EDIT: Found that this problem extends to spatial intersection tools in the public application as well - so I'm guessing that something must have gone wrong with the layers themselves (Not sure why or how the private viewer map and application are still running fine while using the same layers....but it's a lead)

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