I work for an Appraisal District and we use the World Imagery from ESRI's online services along with other Imagery services. We just noticed that the Images are blurry. Is this something that you are aware of and will this be corrected? Thank you,

07-18-2019 08:29 AM
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I don't have an example of the resolution prior to today but the images were at a much higher resolution before.  My department directly accesses the service in ArcMap.  We also have a map within our real property system provided by Thompson Reuters that was created using geoanalyst.  The images are blurry in that application as well.

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Hi Lynne,

Please take a look at this document which describes how you can provide feedback to the teams:

How To: Provide feedback on basemaps and geocoding in www.ArcGIS.com 

Hope this helps,

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