How to view non-public ArcGIS Online feature layer in a 3rd party app

07-14-2021 06:15 AM
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I have an ArcGIS Online feature layer shared only to our org (non-public) that I need to view in a 3rd party app (LandVision) that provides some instructions on how to do so here but I can't get it to work, the instructions mention using "Client ID" and "Client Secret" within the app to access the layer - I've tried using an ArcGIS Online account username/password that has access to the layer for those inputs but it doesn't work.  From some web searching, I've seen those terms like "Client Secret" used in the ArcGIS Developer web pages for registering apps to use methods of authentication, tokens, etc., so I'm guessing that's what I need to do, but I'm not understanding which method to use and how to register or set it up considering it is just one layer.  I have contacted the 3rd party app support and they mostly just point me to their instructions.  I need to keep the layer in ArcGIS Online as org-only as it contains sensitive content that should only be accessed by our org or for users logged into the 3rd party app.  Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated!


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