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How to use to time slider in Map Viewer to only so a single measure from a single date

06-28-2023 09:24 AM
Esri Contributor


I am trying to configure a web map using the time slider to show the change in temperature measurements across weather stations over two months.

I would like it so that when the dates change the symbology changes in size as well for example on May 1st the temperature is 39 degrees the symbol size is bigger and on May 2nd the temperature is 34 degrees the symbol size shrinks.

I want it to be similar to the video below from a public available web map.

However, I'm not sure how exactly the made it filter to only show the sizes of that specific time because when I use the time slider and the counts and amounts size symbology it looks like this:

The symbols just seem to go on top of each other over time it does not filter to what it was on that day.

(It might be subtle but notice the smaller circles inside.)

So, am I missing something here? How do I get it so that it only shows the symbol size of that given day?

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Esri Notable Contributor

Do you have the time setup under Map Viewer settings set to current interval or features progressively? If you only want the current features shown have it switched to current interval.



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Esri Contributor

So, I had it at show features progressively instead of show current interval. Is there a way to get the Length of one interval to 0 days so that it starts on April 1st- April 1st instead of April 1st - Aril 2nd.



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