How to update the source table of a dashboard chart without destroying the settings

04-03-2020 09:06 AM
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I have to change the table of a dashboard chart every time I receive new statistics. How can I do this without having to totally reinstall the chart?  If I pick a new source table, the chart settings are reset.

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You can use the ArcGIS Online Assistant to do this. First, I would recommend making a copy of your dashboard. Once you've logged on, under "I want to..." select View an Item's JSON, then select your dashboard copy.

In the Data section of the JSON, look for the chart and you should see an entry for the dataSource (similar to this)

"dataSource": {
  "type": "featureServiceDataSource",
  "itemId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "layerId": 0,
  "table": false

Change the itemId to the new table and save it.

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