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How to show pop ups of my webmap on mobile devices?

01-19-2022 10:26 AM
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Hello at all, I hosted a webmap on arc gis online, but if I try to open the URL on my mobile phone I cant click on my features and cant see the pop ups. Anyone know how to solve this?

And my second question, is there any possibility to grant the user of the webmap on the phone to edit the pop up-attributes? 

Thx in advance.

URL of the webmap:




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I tried this on my Samsung Galaxy S10. The popups opened in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It took two clicks, as was expected. The first to open a small window, the second to expand the popup in its own window. Two questions for you. What browser are you using? Did anything happen when you clicked on a feature?

As for your second question. You will need to make two changes. You will need to enable editing on the layer that is associated with the popups. Assuming it is a hosted feature layer, you will find these on the Settings tab of the layer's Details page. You can restrict the editing to just the information in the popup.

The second change is to add Web AppBuilder's Editor widget to your app. That will allow users to select, edit, and save their edits.



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Hey Rudy thank you very much 🙂 it worked with Chrome on my mobile phone too! webmap_question.png




For the second question I enabled editing and added the editing widget like you told me, but I want to add something in my field ("Dach") it says: "the value entered is not valid". I checked the data type for the field an it is correct with "string". What am I doing wrong :(? 


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