How to show a subset of related records easily

05-11-2021 06:04 AM
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Hi, we have some activity based maps that field employees use to access a given facility (Regulator Station) and perform an inspection on. So they select the regulator station point feature, add a related record to the table (Regulator Station Inspection) and then move on to the next station. They do this every year, and create new inspections year after year at the same stations. They have a 3 month window to do all stations in their respective territories. Currently, to ensure that every station has an inspection that was submitted in the current years window, I am pulling my data into excel, filtering the inspections on year of inspection, and then using VLookup based on the primary and foreign key to identify stations that don't have an inspection for the current year. 

I have a few helpers on this, but I believe this process may be a bit much for them, as they don't deal with this kind of workflow. I would like to find an easier solution so that they can help, but not be overwhelmed. I have tried filtering the inspections in AGOL and looking at the parent table to see how many inspections are shown, but the filter does not seem to apply in that case. One would also think that you could use the quantity of inspections shown in the parent features table to see 2 or 3 inspections based on how many years the inspections have been done, but the problem with that is that new stations will inherently have less inspections and look suspect, or maybe two inspections have been submitted accidentally on the same station. No workflow that I have tried so far has a guarantee to it other than the excel method. Is there something else I can do?


Thanks in advance!

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