How to show 3D polyline/polylineZ in ArcGIS Online?

09-11-2021 02:50 AM
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I've created 3D polylines (polylineZ) in ArcGIS Pro, making use of the first and last point of X, Y, Z coordinates. The following output is shown with an absolute height. 

3d line.png

However, when I share it as a web scene, I could not see the same result in ArcGIS Online even I changed the feature into the 3D option. Points are the first points of the polyline for indication use. Points are able to demonstrate the 3D effect under the option of absolute height. 

3d line web.png

How can I show the polylines in ArcGIS Online with same effect as shown in ArcGIS Pro? Any comments are welcome!



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@MatthewLau I don't think polylines are regarded as 3d in AGOL because they're technically 2.5D. you need to convert them to a multipatch, which probably requires them to be cylinders? I might be wrong.

Have you tried doing a Buffer3D of the line, and converting the output to multipatch and then publishing that?


otherwise, if you're not worried about editing it, try converting to a scene layer package and publishing that?


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Thanks for the advice! Indeed, I tried to convert to multipatch before by using 3Dbuffer. It gives cylinders but there seems no layering for each cylinder. (i.e. soil stratigraphy per borehole log) In the figure, the colour of the uppermost soil layer represents the colour of the whole cylinder, which deviated from the results I want.

Screenshot 2021-09-11 224218.png


Thus, I tried to adjust the height as TopElevation that is the absolute z coordinate of points of different soil layers. Still, some layers are intruded and not clearly shown. I am not sure if there is no way to make a distinguishable layer for each cylinder. I am trying to fix the problem by incorporating the thickness of the soil layer. If you have any idea, it is really appreciated!

Screenshot 2021-09-11 225826.png


Thanks again for the comment!


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