How to select and delete multiple features in hosted service?

04-28-2016 12:38 PM
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Simple operation, probably has a simple answer, but I haven't been able to find it: In ArcGIS Online (for Orgs if it makes a difference) I have a hosted feature service for which I want to delete many records at once. How do I do that? Interactive method preferred. I don't want to dig into the REST api every time I need to do this.

I use "open with full editing control" from the service details page to add to a new map, then when I show table and shift click bottom and top of records I have many selected records, but [delete] key has no effect and mousing around I haven't found any control or menu item that looks like delete, or any kind of edit operation.

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Hi Matt,

In order to delete multiple records in a feature service, you will need to submit a request through the rest API. The following link is a sample, using ArcREST to perform this: ArcREST/ at master · Esri/ArcREST · GitHub

Or you can look into making direct rest calls using the apply edits call.


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You can work with hosted feature layers in ArcGIS Pro including the ability to select multiple records (interactive selection or select by attributes) and delete those records.