How to reinstate a deleted ArcGIS Online named user?

02-07-2020 02:24 PM
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A temporary staff member of ours left about 6 months ago.  Now she is coming back for another temporary term. How can I reuse her old named user?  I deleted her user name when her last term ended.  But when I try to create a named user using the same user name a message says that named user is already in use.  As a test, I tried to add the named user to group.  I was able to find the named user.  How can I reuse the old named user?  I would rather not compromise our named user naming convention by just creating another named user for her.  Thanks, Mike Koutnik

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We need the capability to delete and create the exact same username as well. We use a batch process to create hundreds of users for damage assessment after a hurricane. But the ArcGIS Online platform is somehow limited and it can not reinstate a username. It adds a number after the name when we create them with surge licensing. After a hurricane, it is an issue to have to clarify to an army of field staff what the number after their name is. And it is all different because some of them it is a 1, some is a 2, etc. (if they were or were not created; and over how many iterations)

delete then create same user name: not possible?  

I have created an Idea, vote for it if you can and Thank you!

Ability to re-create the same AGOL user name without adding numbers 

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We have exactly the same problem - not being able to reinstate a user once they have been deleted.  After several hours on the phone with Esri, our account representative was able to confirm this is not possible.  I have been in the business for over 3 decades and I have never seen this limitation in another application.  I was told by Esri support that this is a somewhat common request.  Given the sophistication of Esri software, you would think this limitation would have been addressed long ago.

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We have discovered you can reuse usernames if when you delete the member you have disable Esri Access for them before deleting. Otherwise, when you "delete" you're just removing them from the organization but not globally across all of ArcGIS Online. If they still have Esri Access enabled on deletion then their account persists (idk I guess so that they can access their training record and posts on GeoNet?). If you disable before deleting you can recreate the same name no problem.