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How to label same feature layer with different values

06-15-2023 06:07 AM
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Does anyone know how to use arcade expression(possibly) to label a particular feature layer that has different values for the same field.  Please see attached pictures.  I'm not sure if I would have to incorporate the ObjectID field to help differentiate the difference among the same parcel #.

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If the land rate types were in a different table, it would be possible to pull them in with Arcade and put all the values in the popup. I've done something similar with aliases for road centerlines that have only one value for the name in the feature layer, but one or more aliases in a separate table.

On the other hand, my parcel layer can show multiple property and/or auxiliary classes in the same field. On the back end, the parcel geometry is kept in the Parcel Fabric, while most of the attributes are stored in a separate database. I wrote Python scripts to combine them into a single layer for other purposes, and it makes a list of all the associated classes for each parcel, then places them in one field separated by commas. That way there aren't any duplicate parcels in the feature layer.

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